02 September 2014


I love mooncakes and got to wait for the once a year Mid-Autumn Festival than I will be able to buy them.  In the recent years mooncakes are getting more and more costly and it hurts my heart and pocket to purchase them.  However from a few years back till now, I'm very happy that my hubby is able to get delicious mooncakes free from work.
PrimaDeli Royal Gift Set - Snowskin Mooncakes

 photo Mooncake01.jpg

 photo Mooncake02.jpg
  photo Mooncake03.jpg

 photo Mooncake04.jpg
Mama Bakery
Golden Jade Paste 1 Yolk
Mixed Nuts
White Lotus Paste
White Lotus Paste 1 Yolk

 photo Mooncake06.jpg
 photo Mooncake07.jpg

 photo Mooncake08.jpg

 photo Mooncake09.jpg

Man Fu Yuan 满福苑
White Lotus Seed Paste with Single Yolk

 photo Mooncake17.jpg

 photo Mooncake18.jpg

 photo Mooncake19.jpg

The Ritz-Carlton

 photo Mooncake11.jpg

 photo Mooncake12.jpg

 photo Mooncake13.jpg

 photo Mooncake14.jpg

 photo Mooncake15.jpg

Later got another 2 more of The Ritz-Carlton Mooncake

 photo Mooncake16.jpg
Here are all the traditional mooncakes that I've got.  Actually I got a lot more than these, but my hubby gave them away.  I only love mooncakes that come with yolks.  Those without yolks, my mother and hubby ate them.

 photo Mooncake20.jpg


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