13 June 2014

Redhill Food Centre

 photo RedhillFoodCentre13Jun01.jpg
Pontian Wanton Noodle  $3
I’m not happy with the super unfriendly and rude cashier auntie.  Hope she can learn some manners and respect the customers.  The China lady who cooks the noodle is nice. 
 photo RedhillFoodCentre13Jun02.jpg
 photo RedhillFoodCentre13Jun03.jpg
Char Siew and Roast Pork Rice  $3.50
The black sauce tastes quite good, but I don't like the cold rice and could tough meat.

Ice Kacang  $1.50
The weather today is super hot so I got a cold ice kacang to cool me down.
 photo RedhillFoodCentre13Jun04.jpg


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