17 June 2014

Poulèt - Westgate

  photo WestgatePoulet13.jpg
Oxtail de Bourguignon  $15.80
Pressure-cooked Oxtail in Red Wine Sauce with Carrot and Onion
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Sauté Wild Mushroom  $7.80
Sautéed Button Mushrooms, Shimeji Mushrooms and King Oyster Mushrooms served with Poached Egg

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 photo WestgatePoulet02.jpg

Poulèt Roti – Whole  $28.80
The poultry is brined for a full day in a traditional recipe then placed in the rotisserie for a slow roast until the skin tans to a golden brown. It comes with home-made Mushroom Chardonnay Sauce
 photo WestgatePoulet11.jpg
 photo WestgatePoulet10.jpg

French Fries  $4.80
 photo WestgatePoulet05.png
 photo WestgatePoulet04.jpg

Mashed Potato  $3.80
 photo WestgatePoulet07.jpg
 photo WestgatePoulet06.jpg

The Oxtail de Bourguignon is the best. The soft meat and sauce tastes so good. I love the delicious Mashed Potato and Sauté Wild Mushroom too.

The chicken is a little tough and the French Fries is okay.

 photo WestgatePoulet12.jpg

Tap water with a small slice of lemon is free. Cold water is chargeable. I’m disappointed with their stinginess. I don’t see why they can’t provide free cold tap water.
We ordered the Escargot de Bourgogne, but waited till we almost finished our meal and it didn’t come so we cancelled the order.  Kinda disappointed with their poor service for omitting our order.
 photo WestgatePoulet01.jpg


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