30 June 2014

2B Alternative For Face

 photo 2BAlternativeForFace03.jpg
 photo 2BAlternativeForFace04.jpg
 photo 2BAlternativeForFace05.jpg
 photo 2BAlternativeForFace06.jpg

One box contains 7ml  x 2
 photo 2BAlternativeForFace07.jpg
 photo 2BAlternativeForFace08.jpg
 photo 2BAlternativeForFace09.jpg
 photo 2BAlternativeForFace11.jpg
 photo 2BAlternativeForFace10.jpg
My Thoughts
The concentrated transparent gold serum doesn't have a perfume scent.  It smells alright with a mild pleasant scent.  Every night, I will apply and massage 2 drops of the serum onto my cheeks, jaw and neck.  It's easily absorbed into skin without leaving it with the uncomfortable oily and sticky feeling.  About two weeks later, I can feel that my cheeks are slightly smaller.
After continuous daily usage of 3 boxes, my cheeks do feel and look smaller.  But it doesn't make my face V-shape and also it doesn't work at all to slim down the double chin.
This product is quite expensive, so I don't think I will purchase it again.
 photo 2BAlternativeForFace02.jpg
 photo 2BAlternativeForFace01.jpg


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