21 June 2014

Starbucks Coffee - Shaw Tower

 photo StarbucksCoffeeShawCentre01.jpg
 photo StarbucksCoffeeShawCentre02.jpg
Mocha Frappuccino  $6.80
Signature Banana Walnut Muffin  $3.60
 photo StarbucksCoffeeShawCentre03.jpg
So so lah!  It's too dry for my liking.
 photo StarbucksCoffeeShawCentre04.jpg
When the crew came to clear the plate, I asked where can I get plain water and she told me to get it from the counter.  But when I told her that the coffee is very sweet, she went inside and brought a big cup of ice water for me.  She's friendly and nice, good service.
 photo StarbucksCoffeeShawCentre05.jpg


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