25 June 2014

COLLA-e Collagen Drink with Multi Vitamins

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My Thoughts
I kinda like the delicious concentrated sweet peach flavour collagen drink.  It has a nice orange color.  Once it's opened, I got to keep it refrigerated and I find that it tastes really good when it's chilled.   The big and heavy long glass bottle looks big, but actually it contains only 500ml.  Drinking 25ml from the measuring cup, one bottle can only last me for 2 weeks. 
After drinking 25ml daily in the morning for five days, my skin is already looking very much radiant, smoother and feels more elasticity on the cheeks area.  But after finishing 3 bottles, I don't see any improvement on the wrinkles around my eyes and it has no effect in removing the blemishes.  Or maybe I got to consume may more bottles to get good results.
 photo CozyCotCollaECollagenDrinkWithMultiVitamins05.jpg

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