08 June 2014

Westgate / IMM

Westgate Gourmet Paradise
Yami Yogurt Medium Cup - Strawberry  $3.90
 photo WestgateYamiYogurt8Jun01.jpg
 photo WestgateYamiYogurt8Jun02.jpg
IMM Kopitiam
Fried Fish Meat Steamboat with Rice  $6.50
 photo IMMKopitam01.jpg
 photo IMMKopitam02.jpg

Tok Bok Ki Set  $4.90
 photo IMMKopitam03.jpg
 photo IMMKopitam04.jpg

Cold Cheng Tng  $2
 photo IMMKopitam05.jpg
I love the food except for the Tok Bok Ki as they are too tough.


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