10 March 2013

iPANEMA Lolita Slippers

Sparkling and shining things often attract me, and I'm really excited when I saw this glittering pair of $32.90 black 25560 iPANEMA Lolita Fem on sale at $15.

I love iPANEMA slippers for the many beautiful designs, pretty colors, good quality, durable and non-slippery. They are really comfortable to wear, excellent on the hot sunny and rainy days. But then, they are very expensive and I won't pay that kind of high price for a pair of rubber slippers. I prefer to buy the older designs at half of the usual price, as long as they are new, in good condition and look pretty.



Sarvin Sidhu said...

ipanema slippers are just amazing! :D

xo Sarvin

Sleepy BB said...

Yes, I agree. They are really pretty and durable.

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