08 March 2013

F&N SEASONS / 100PLUS Goodlies

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F&N Seasons 
8GB Thumbdrive

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F&N Seasons
Portable Charger  x 2

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F&N Seasons Prosperity Pack  x 9
1 x  Limited Edition Mini Wet Tissue
1 x  Sticky Note Memo Pad
2 x  Keychain
4 x  Magnet
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 photo FNSeasons100PlusNewYearGoldRush13.jpg

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 photo FNSeasons100PlusNewYearGoldRush16.jpg
100 Plus Outdo the Everyday Pack  x 6
1 x  Gatsby Ice-Type Body Paper Cool Citrus 3's
1 x  Cell Phone Multi Purpose Screen Cleaner

 photo FNSeasons100PlusNewYearGoldRush17.jpg
 photo FNSeasons100PlusNewYearGoldRush18.jpg

 photo FNSeasons100PlusNewYearGoldRush19.jpg
 photo FNSeasons100PlusNewYearGoldRush20.jpg

100 Plus Outdo the Promotion Pack
1 x  Paper Notebook
2 x  Sticky Note Memo Pad
2 x  Pen
1 x  Laptop Sleeve
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 photo FNSeasons100PlusNewYearGoldRush22.jpg
 photo FNSeasons100PlusNewYearGoldRush24.jpg
 photo FNSeasons100PlusNewYearGoldRush23.jpg

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 photo FNSeasons100PlusNewYearGoldRush26.jpg

 photo FNSeasons100PlusNewYearGoldRush27.jpg

100 Plus Outdo Yourself Pack  x 2
1 x  Compress Towel
1 x  Arm Pouch
1 x  Water Bottle
1 x  Shoe Bag
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 photo FNSeasons100PlusNewYearGoldRush29.jpg

 photo FNSeasons100PlusNewYearGoldRush30.jpg

 photo FNSeasons100PlusNewYearGoldRush31.jpg

 We got them from F&N Seasons and 100PLUS.

 photo FNSeasons100PlusNewYearGoldRush01.jpg

I'm extremely unhappy with the ignorant and rude attitude of the lady whom I collected the prizes from.  There're no parking lots available so my cousin parked the car illegally along the side of the road outside their office and waited in it while I collected the prizes with our original IDs.  But this lady insisted that my cousin got to go inside to sign the acknowledgment paper.  What happens if his vehicle get summon, who's going to pay for it.  If she needs the signature, she can simply go to the car but she didn't cos it's hot outside.  Even her colleagues say I can sign on his behalf cos I got his original ID.  She's so ridiculously rude and unfriendly.

My cousin won 2 portable chargers on the same day but it wasn't captured in their system so he was given one only.  He wrote to them and Stacey replied by insisting that he didn't win in a very rude manner.  She could have written in a nice way.  I'm wondering if she's the same lady whom I met at the office who's rude, unfriendly, unsociable and showed a black face. 

  I think it's very unfair as my friend didn't win the portable charger but received the email and collected it.  What's this?  How can they be giving it to someone who didn't win and refused to give it to someone who won!


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