08 March 2013

Brook's Café Samples

  photo BrooksCafeEuropeanBlendCoffee05.jpg
 photo BrooksCafeEuropeanBlendCoffee06.jpg
 photo BrooksCafeEuropeanBlendCoffee07.jpg
 photo BrooksCafeEuropeanBlendCoffee08.jpg
 photo BrooksCafeEuropeanBlendCoffee09.jpg
Brook's European Blend Coffee
has a sour taste which I dislike

Brook's Matcha Cappuccino
It's more of green tea with only a very little of coffee taste
 photo BrooksCafeMatchaCappuccino08.jpg
 photo BrooksCafeMatchaCappuccino09.jpg
 photo BrooksCafeMatchaCappuccino10.jpg
 photo BrooksCafe02.jpg
The mail came from Japan
 photo BrooksCafe03.jpg
 photo BrooksCafe04.jpg
We got them from Brook's café.


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