05 March 2013

ASK Revival Nail Polish Remover


Tired of drying your nails out with regular nail polish remover? Try ours! Our product does not dry out your nails or skin. It is radically different from other polish removers you may have used. We've even added T.I.P.S. to our formula to aid in the prevention of drying your nails out.

One soaked cotton ball will clean all of your nails with little effort. It quickly and effectively removes polish without stripping the nails of lipids. There is no chalky white residue left behind because it does not damage the nail surface like other nail polish removers do.

Vitamin E acetate and phytantriol, which is sometimes referred to as pro-vitamin E, are added for their moisturizing properties. We use acetone as our solvent because it has a higher permissible exposure limit than ethyl acetate, which means it is less harmful to your health. If you just have to wear nail polish, you MUST use this product!

My Thoughts

I absolutely love the gold color lemon scent liquid nail remover. 

With it, my nail colors are easily removed.  But not for the glitters polishes.  Guess, as usual, the glitters polishes are always really difficult to remove. 

Unlike other nail polish removers that will dry up the nails and cuticles, this one leaves them well moisturized.   After using it, my nails look beautifully shiny with the conditioning oil coating.


Sakuranko said...

Oh interesting nail polish remover. Btw now I´m following you I hope your follow me back.


Bebe said...

Hi Sakuranko
Thanks for following. You've a nice blog. I'm following you back.

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