19 March 2013

Sally Hansen Diamond Shine Base and Top Coat


My Thoughts

This long wearing nail enamel is thick and fast drying.  I used it as a top coat to protect the nail color.  It gives my nails a long lasting brilliant multi-faceted diamond shine finish.  It protects the nail polish so well that even after a week, the nail polish didn't chip.  They are still beautifully shiny as if I've just painted them.


Janice Lunes said...

Great review :)

Your nails look beautiful !

I've seen it in stores but I couldn't find any reviews but now that I see your nails I will get one to try myself as well :)

Thanks for sharing :D


twoplicates said...

ohhh i have this at home but i havent tried it out yet because i already have so many top coats to go through! looking forward to trying this out after seen how shiny your nails looked! *_*

xo; L&M

Sleepy BB said...

The top coat is really long lasting and shiny,

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