17 March 2013

Dinner at Seah Im Food Centre

My delicious dinner at Seah Im Food Centre, opposite HarbourFront Centre.

We ordered the 
Ayam Rendang $4
Niang Dou Fu 酿豆腐 $3
Bandung $1
We paid only $8 to have our stomachs fully filled.

Ayam Rendang is served on a huge plate.  It contains a piece of drill chicken thigh with chilli paste over it, pieces of sour pineapple and onion in black sauce, cucumber, a small bowl of soup and the sambal belacan chilli is really hot.  I think the heart shaped rice is very cute.

The sambal belacan chilli is so hot that I bought the bandung drink. I love the ice cold sweet rose syrup with evaporated milk drink.
Niang Dou Fu comes in 2 bowls.  A bowl of thick yellow noodle with 2 pieces of deep fried fish cake wrapped in bean curd skin and a bowl of soup containing 2 pieces of fish cake wrapped in bean curd skin, a big fishball and small pieces of vegetables.



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