13 March 2014

SP Silicon Power

 photo SPSiliconPowerTouchT0305.jpg

SP Silicon Power USB 2.0 Flash Drive  Touch T03  8GB

 photo SPSiliconPowerTouchT0306.jpg

 photo SPSiliconPowerTouchT0304.jpg

 photo SPSiliconPowerTouchT0302.jpg

 photo SPSiliconPowerTouchT0303.jpg

Table Calendar

 photo SPSiliconPowerTouchT0307.jpg

 photo SPSiliconPowerTouchT0301.jpg

I got them from Silicon Power (Global)

I think Silicon Power is really weird and this is the very first time that I encounter such a company.  In the first email they asked for my particulars like address and telephone number, then another email asking for my date of birth and passport number, then another email asking for a copy of my passport.  Why should they be asking for a copy of my personal passport?  How can I trust them.  I'm not at all comfortable to give it to some stranger in the foreign country whom I don't know.  Really scary.


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