04 March 2014

The Body Shop Raspberry Shower Gel

 photo TheBodyShopRaspberryShowerGel01.jpg
Sometime ago I bought 5 bottles of The Body Shop Raspberry Shower Gel 250ml during the sales at less 50%.  Its original price is $12.90 per bottle, but I paid $32.25 for 5 bottles.
 photo TheBodyShopRaspberryShowerGel02.jpg
 photo TheBodyShopRaspberryShowerGel03.jpg
My Thoughts
The transparent red shower gel isn't really the concentrated type but it does lather to bubbles with water added. Its sweet raspberry scent smells so good and makes me feel great during bath. Half a palmful of it is enough to bathe the entire body and it's easily washed off with water. After each bath, my skin feels smooth and fresh. It would be nice if it would leave my skin with a sweet longlasting scent which it doesn't, but I still love it.
 photo TheBodyShopRaspberryShowerGel04.jpg


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