22 March 2014

My Beauty Diary Apple Polyphenol Mask

 photo MyBeautyDairyApplePolyphenolMask01.jpg
 photo MyBeautyDairyApplePolyphenolMask02.jpg

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 photo MyBeautyDairyApplePolyphenolMask04.jpg
My Thoughts
I have used many masks with perfume scent, but nothing like this one.  This mask smells unique with a mild refreshing apple scent.  It's soaked with plenty of clear essence which doesn't leave the skin with the uncomfortable oily and sticky feeling.  I love the soft and smooth texture of the paper mask that sticks on really well to the skin.  At night, I will put on the mask on my clean face and leave it on till it's dried up.  As for the remaining essence that's left inside the foil packet, I will apply it to my legs.  After mask, my skin not only feels smooth and moisturized but my cheeks feels firmer too. 
One thing I dislike about it is the plastic sheet that sticks on to one side of the paper mask.  I find it bothersome to remove the plastic sheet, and also to dab and tap the essence that's sticking on it onto my face.  
 photo MyBeautyDairyApplePolyphenolMask06.jpg


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