20 March 2014

TOBY'S The Dessert Asylum

 photo TobysTheAylumDssertParkwayParade01.jpg
Tea Time Special ( a slice of cake and coffee / tea )  $7.95

Iced Grey Earl Tea  $5.50
Chocolate Ambrosia  $4.95
Spike D  $5.95
Fresh durian with chocolate fudge

The soft cakes are really delicious.
 photo TobysTheAylumDssertParkwayParade02.jpg
 photo TobysTheAylumDssertParkwayParade03.jpg
 photo TobysTheAylumDssertParkwayParade04.jpg
 photo TobysTheAylumDssertParkwayParade05.jpg
Free treat at TOBY'S The Dessert Asylum.
The tea time special is supposed to be a slice of cake plus a cup of the normal kind of coffee or tea, but the crew told us that we can change the coffee and tea to other drinks that cost $5.50 and below so we got the iced grey earl tea.  Then the supervisor came telling us that the crew made a mistake on the drinks as we are only entitled to coffee or tea so we need to pay $2 plus service charge and tax for changing the drinks.  I'm very unhappy about it, since it's their mistake, it's unfair for us to pay, why should we pay?  A while later the supervisor came telling us that she will waive off the bill.


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