19 March 2014

ESET Smart Security

 photo EssetSmartSecurity02.jpg

 photo EssetSmartSecurity03.jpg

 photo EssetSmartSecurity04.jpg

Eset Smart Security
Eset Mobile Security
worth $59

 photo EssetSmartSecurity05.jpg

 photo EssetSmartSecurity06.jpg

 photo EssetSmartSecurity01.jpg

I got it from The Wacky Duo

Ta-Q-Bin courier service is supposed to deliver it to my home yesterday night between 5 to 8pm, I waited until 8.30pm and nobody came.  He came this morning at 9,30am.  They used to have excellent service, but why did he miss the appointment.  I'm quite disappointed, wasted my time yesterday waited for nothing.


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