12 March 2014


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I met an abandoned cat 小黑 in early 2010 and he became best friends with Big Head where they eat, play and sleep together.  小黑 used to be a very nice male cat who enjoyed laying around the neighbourhood and was good with other cats until Big Head passed away in Oct 2010, he changed to become a terrorist.  He goes walking around the neighbourhood chasing the female cats and fighting with the male cats.  He really can fight.  Although he's small and skinny, he often wins the big male cats.  But he's really good with humans, he loves being pat and sitting next to them.  I think 小黑 is pitiful, being abandon by someone, then became good friends with another abandoned cat Big Head whom someone decided to end his life cruelly by feeding him poison.  小黑 is now suffering from watery eyes.  Someone brought him to the Vet and he needs daily eye drop application on his eyes. 
I really hope 小黑 will be nicer to the male cats.  I hate to see cats fight especially when I see their red bloody flesh as their fur and skin are scratched off. 

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