04 May 2015

Ayam Brand Products

 photo AyamBrandProducts09.jpg

Ayam Brand products  worth $40

 photo AyamBrandProducts10.jpg

Ayam Brand Sardines in Tomato Sauce  215g
Ayam Brand Tuna Spread in Mayonnaise  185g

 photo AyamBrandProducts11.jpg

Ayam Brand Sardines Extra Virgin Olive Oil & Green Peppercorn  120g

 photo AyamBrandProducts12.jpg

 photo AyamBrandProducts13.jpg

 photo AyamBrandProducts17.jpg

Ayam Brand Nyonya Curry  185g
Ayam Brand Rendang  185g

 photo AyamBrandProducts18.jpg

 photo AyamBrandProducts14.jpg

Ayam Brand Otah Tuna Sandwich Spread  120g
Ayam Brand Curry Tuna Sandwich Spread  120g

 photo AyamBrandProducts15.jpg

Ayam Brand Red Curry Tuna Sandwich Spread  120g

 photo AyamBrandProducts16.jpg

Plastic Container  1.45L

 photo AyamBrandProducts19.jpg

 photo AyamBrandProducts20.jpg

Non Woven Bag

 photo AyamBrandProducts24.jpg

 photo AyamBrandProducts25.jpg

 photo AyamBrandProducts26.jpg

 photo AyamBrandProducts27.jpg

Polo T Shirt  Size S 

 photo AyamBrandProducts21.jpg

 photo AyamBrandProducts22.jpg

 photo AyamBrandProducts23.jpg


 photo AyamBrandProducts03.jpg

 photo AyamBrandProducts04.jpg

 photo AyamBrandProducts05.jpg

 photo AyamBrandProducts06.jpg

Hyde Jekyll, Me

 photo AyamBrandProducts29.jpg

 photo AyamBrandProducts28.jpg


 photo AyamBrandProducts01.jpg

 photo AyamBrandProducts02.jpg

 photo AyamBrandProducts08.jpg

 photo AyamBrandProducts07.jpg

 photo AyamBrandProducts00.jpg

We got them from Ayam Brand Singapore

They should have given us more food instead of giving the umbrellas and polo t-shirts that are ugly and useless to us.  I don't think we will ever wear the polo t-shirts and also size S is too small. 

It's sad that I got to pay $8 for the delivery fee. The previous giveaway that I won was free delivery. Guess business must be really bad. I hope for my next win, it will be free delivery. $8 is expensive.


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