02 May 2015

Seoul Garden HotPot – HabourFront Centre

 photo HFSeoulG2May01.jpg

Beef Bulggogi Bap  $12.90

 photo HFSeoulG2May02.jpg

 photo HFSeoulG2May03.jpg

 photo HFSeoulG2May04.jpg

Kimchi Marinated Beef HotPot  $12.90

 photo HFSeoulG2May05.jpg

We paid $30.35 for the total bill

Today is my 2nd time dining here. I'm happy that the Kimchi Marinated Beef HotPot has lots of ingredients but then the soup is a little too spicy.  The white rice is dry and hard, not nice to eat.

I entered their internet online survey ( I completed the survey and pressed to submit ) to get a $5 discount voucher.  But even after trying for so many times and waited for so long, the website just hung there.  I wonder why.  


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