22 May 2015

The 1872 Clipper Tea Co. Products

 photo TheClipperTeaHamper05.jpg

The 1872 Clipper Tea Co. Products worth $100

 photo TheClipperTeaHamper08.jpg

Cranberry Sunrise  120g  $18

 photo TheClipperTeaHamper09.jpg

 photo TheClipperTeaHamper06.jpg

Anti-Stress  80g  $18

 photo TheClipperTeaHamper07.jpg

 photo TheClipperTeaHamper16.jpg

Organics Radiant Glow  40g  20 Tea Bags  $24

 photo TheClipperTeaHamper17.jpg

 photo TheClipperTeaHamper18.jpg

 photo TheClipperTeaHamper19.jpg

 photo TheClipperTeaHamper11.jpg

Green Tea  48g  24 Tea Bags  $11

 photo TheClipperTeaHamper12.jpg

 photo TheClipperTeaHamper13.jpg

 photo TheClipperTeaHamper14.jpg

 photo TheClipperTeaHamper15.jpg

 photo TheClipperTeaHamper10.jpg

 photo TheClipperTeaHamper04.jpg

Vedure Classic Manicure worth $76

 photo TheClipperTeaHamper03.jpg

 photo TheClipperTeaHamper02.jpg

 photo TheClipperTeaHamper01.jpg


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