25 May 2015

Anatomicals Body Cleanser

 photo AnatomicalsCypressThymeBodyCleanser01.jpg

Anatomicals Cypress and Thyme Body Cleanser

 photo AnatomicalsCypressThymeBodyCleanser02.jpg

 photo AnatomicalsCypressThymeBodyCleanser03.jpg

 photo AnatomicalsCypressThymeBodyCleanser04.jpg

My Thoughts

It's my very first time using the body cleansers and I felt in love with their unique scent.

Both the gel-like body cleansers have a very nice fragrance.  I always like to see and feel the bubbles when I bathe, but then they don't have much of it, so I need to pump at least 4 times and when mix with water than I will see a little of the bubbles.  The mild body cleansers washes quite well, they leave the skin feeling fresh and clean.

Both are nice to use, but I prefer the scent of the green one.  The red one smells too sweet.

 photo AnatomicalsMangoPapayaBodyCleanser01.jpg

Anatomicals Mango and Papaya Body Cleanser

 photo AnatomicalsMangoPapayaBodyCleanser02.jpg

 photo AnatomicalsMangoPapayaBodyCleanser03.jpg

 photo AnatomicalsMangoPapayaBodyCleanser04.jpg


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