17 May 2015

Ball Ball and Handsome

My 2 favorite handsome thin cats.  Would be nice if can be fat abit.

 photo CatJRT17May01.jpg

 photo CatJRT17May02.jpg

 photo CatJRT17May03.jpg

 photo CatJRT17May04.jpg

 photo CatJRT17May05.jpg

 photo CatJRT17May06.jpg

 photo CatJRT17May07.jpg

 photo CatJRT17May08.jpg

 photo CatJRT17May09.jpg

 photo CatJRT17May10.jpg

Ball Ball and Handsome
Both of them are male and they hate to be carried and hugged.  They are very lovable so I love to carry them alot.  Everytime after I carry them, they will stay a distance away from me, no matter how I call them they won't come near.

 photo CatJRT17May11.jpg

 photo CatJRT17May12.jpg

 photo CatJRT17May13.jpg


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