15 May 2015

H&M Rich Chocolate Moisturising Mask

 photo HMRichChocolateMoisturisingMask02.jpg

 photo HMRichChocolateMoisturisingMask03.jpg

 photo HMRichChocolateMoisturisingMask04.jpg

 photo HMRichChocolateMoisturisingMask05.jpg

My Thoughts

My sister bought them from Hong Kong.   After using a few packets, she didn't like it so she gave the rest to me.

I'm in love with the chocolate mask that smells so nice like real chocolate.  Its very soft and smooth texture makes it very easy to apply and spread evenly on the skin.

I will apply it on my entire face and neck, and wait for it to dry up.  It dries up fast and is easy to wash off with water,

One packet is abit too much for 1 time use so I use it for 2 times.  Use half a packet for 1 time and keep the other half inside the fridge and use it on another day.

After using all of them daily, I don't see any improvement on my skin.  Maybe it only keeps my skin moisturized.

 photo HMRichChocolateMoisturisingMask01.jpg


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