07 July 2014

Moove Media Goodie Bag

 photo MooveMediaHamper07.jpg

 photo MooveMediaHamper14.jpg

Mcdonald's Gift Certificate  $20

 photo MooveMediaHamper15.jpg

 photo MooveMediaHamper08.jpg

Moove Media Thumbdrive  2GB

 photo MooveMediaHamper09.jpg

 photo MooveMediaHamper10.jpg

 photo MooveMediaHamper11.jpg

 photo MooveMediaHamper12.jpg

Moove Media Notebook

 photo MooveMediaHamper13.jpg

 photo MooveMediaHamper16.jpg

Danisa Traditional Butter Cookies  454g

 photo MooveMediaHamper17.jpg

 photo MooveMediaHamper18.jpg

 photo MooveMediaHamper06.jpg

 photo MooveMediaHamper05.jpg

Went there to collect it last week, but everyone in the department was out, so the goodie bag was sent over by registered post.

It's amazing to see that their office looks like a circus on the outside and it's huge inside.   

 photo MooveMediaHamper01.jpg

 photo MooveMediaHamper02.jpg

 photo MooveMediaHamper03.jpg

 photo MooveMediaHamper04.jpg


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