12 July 2014

Dinner at Orchard

Snax! by CP - Takashimaya
 photo SnapCP12Jul01.jpg
 photo SnapCP12Jul02.jpg

 Chicky Chix Spicy
Crispy Soft Shell Shrimp
Lime Drink
 photo SnapCP12Jul03.jpg
The spicy chicken is very delicious.  The shrimp is crunchy and can be eaten with the shell but it's too salty for my liking.
 photo SnapCP12Jul04.jpg

Tori Q - ION Orchard
 photo ToriQION12Jul02.jpg

Bento A $5.90
2 Chicken
1 Pork
1 Chicken Balls

Bento C $5.20
3 Chicken Karaage

 photo ToriQION12Jul03.jpg
 photo ToriQION12Jul01.jpg


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