18 July 2014

SexyLook Intensive Firming Duo Lifting Mask

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My Thoughts
I find that the paper mask is quite hard and thick.  It comes with a perfume scent and is soaked with plenty of clear liquid essence.   It doesn't stick on well to the skin.  The best way to mask is to lay down on the sofa to watch television or put on the mask while sleeping.  It leaves the skin oily but no uncomfortable sticky feeling.  Till the next morning my face is still looking oil shiny but after washing it, it looks bright and well hydrated.
There's a lot more of essence left in the foil packet and I don't wanna waste it so I will keep it the fridge and use back the same paper to soak up the essence to mask my face again on the next day. 
The mask doesn't give immediately result, it's like after using 3 pieces than I noticed my skin has gotten much brighter looking.  My cheeks feel a little firmer but no lifting effect at all.
 photo SexylookIntensiveFirmingDuoLiftingMask06.jpg
One box contains 5 pieces of individually wrapped 30ml mask

 photo SexylookIntensiveFirmingDuoLiftingMask03.jpg


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