25 July 2014

Naruko Tea Tree Oil Out Peeling Gel

 photo NarukoTeaTreeOilOutPeelingGel04.jpg
 photo NarukoTeaTreeOilOutPeelingGel02.jpg
 photo NarukoTeaTreeOilOutPeelingGel03.jpg
My Thoughts
The transparent green gel has nice tea tree scent.  It contains beads that helps to scrub away the dead skin cells, dirt and oil.  At night, I will apply and spread it on my dry skin and rub in circular motion till the gel dries up.  As I rub, rubber-like beads will appear.  After scrubbing, I will wash my face with a washing foam.
I used it daily at night and it didn't dry up my skin.  Infact after every use, my skin feels smooth, fresh and clean.
 photo NarukoTeaTreeOilOutPeelingGel01.jpg


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