19 July 2014

Orbis Warm Up Serum

Orbis Warm Up Serum  5ml

Orbis Warm Up Serum is a beauty boosting pre-lotion serum, it has enzyme-producing corneal cells that provide a constant supply of enzymes. Enzyme production reduces with age and the skin’s condition deteriorates as a result. To maintain youthful skin, the quantity of enzymes in the skin is important and ORBIS has arrived at ageing care for skin to achieve all 6 elements of beautiful skin.
Orbis Warm Up Serum improves daily ageing care by 
  • activating corneal cells to produce the 6 inner enzymes required for beautiful skin
  • preparing the skin for optimal penetration of facial products applied in the skincare regime thereby enhancing the effects of facial products

My Thoughts

The concentrated clear serum doesn't have a perfume scent. It's quite easily absorbed into the skin, leaving it very coated. After finishing a bottle, I don't see any improvement on my skin.

I got it from ORBIS Singapore


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