11 July 2014

NuTeen Acne & Pimples Away Sleeping Mask

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My Thoughts
NuTeen Acne & Pimples Away Sleeping Mask comes in a small tub of 35g.
The soft and smooth light green gel-like mask has a super nice refreshing green tea scent.  After cleansing my face, I will apply the skin care products.  And before going to bed, I will apply a layer of mask onto my entire face and neck.  It would be good to apply an extra layer on the pimples. 

After a few rubs and pats, it absorbed into the skin leaving it with a slight sticky feeling.  The next morning, I'm happy to see that my face looks clear and bright.  With regular usage, it did help to reduce the oil on the skin and my pimples are much smaller and some have dried up.  Love it.
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