20 August 2014

Xian La Dao 鲜辣道

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We were invited to the Steamboat Buffet Food Tasting by OpenRice Singapore

Xian La Dao  鲜辣道
200 Turf Club Road #03-08/09
The Grandstand
Singapore 287994
Opening Hours : 11am to 3pm & 5pm to 10pm ( Daily )

The Grandstand can be easily excessed by Public Buses, Free Shuttle Buses and Free Parking Lots are available.

The new restaurant from Fujian Xian La Dao 鲜辣道 serves steamboat with complimentary manicure.  It's at a cheaper dining cost as compared to Hai Di Lao Hot Pot 海底捞火锅.
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White Fungus Dessert
Spring Roll
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There are 19 types of sauces, free flow of fruits, desert and snack at the counter top

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Chef's special recipe home blended Garden Sauce
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Sauce mixed by crew Yu Hua

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Hot Spicy Hot
Mushroom Pot

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The boss is squeezing the Homemade Shrimp Glue into both the soups

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Hot Spicy Soup is really spicy that the spiciness stings my nose and makes me sneezed for quite a bit.  I kinda like it as it tastes like the Korean Shin Ramyun Noodle Soup. It's nice but I prefer Mushroom Soup which is much tastier and soothing for my throat.
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Here are the dishes for the hot pot
U.S. Beef

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Fried Bean Stick

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Short Ribs

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Homemade Shrimp Glue

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Cheese Bun
is really delicious.  One bite into it and the creamy cheese will flow out of it.

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Japanese Curry Bun
is not at all yummy.  Tough bun and no curry taste at all.

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Live Prawn

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Fish Maw

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US Scallop

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Baby Abalone

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Angus Beef

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Mutton Slice

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Kurobuta Pork

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Beef Tender
As compared to the rest of the meat, this is the only tender one.  All the other meats are a little tough but still quite nice.
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Handmade Pork Ball

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Pork Belly Slice

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Red Grouper

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Pumpkin Pie
is very delicious,  It's chewy inside with a crispy layer outside.  I love it.

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Shanghai Red Bean Cake

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We were served with free flow of
Lime Juice
Water Chestnut
and at the end of our meal, we got
Chinese Tea

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Complimentary Manicure

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I chose the Gelish Neon, Cream in
Amazon Flirt
Tiki Tiki Laranga
 photo OpenSnapXianLaDaoGrandstandManicure02.png
I'm really happy to have my nails painted but than not very happy with her poor skills. As she was using the steel cuticle pusher to push the cuticle off the nail bed, she was rough and used so much strength that my cuticle bled.  Later, my cuticle is still red and swollen and it hurts quite a bit when it gets in contact with water.
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After getting my nails done, it was too soon that a part of it peeled off.  I got no choice but to cut my short nail to even shorter.  It's disappointing.
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Manicure Area
Waiting Area
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Goodie Bag

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Note Pad

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