05 August 2014

Chinatown Food Street

  photo ChinatownFoodStreet01.jpg
Today is the very first time I'm having my dinner at Chinatown Food Street.  The food here can be quite expensive. 
We ordered the
Mussels  $12
Stingray  $12
Rice  $2
Spicy mussels is very salty but I love it. 
Stingray has lots of meat so $12 is really worth it.  It's quite tasty too.
 photo ChinatownFoodStreet02.jpg
 photo ChinatownFoodStreet03.jpg
 photo ChinatownFoodStreet04.jpg

Beef Balls Soup  $6
I don't really like it cos the beef balls are quite tough and the soup has too much pepper.
  photo ChinatownFoodStreet05.jpg


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