29 August 2014

HydroPure+ Soothing Therapy Mask

 photo HydroPureSoothingTherapyMask01.jpg
 photo HydroPureSoothingTherapyMask02.jpg

My Thoughts

The soft and thick paper mask is soaked with lots of clear liquid essence without any perfume scent.  When taking out the mask from the foil packet got to be careful as not to let the liquid drip all over.  I will put it on at night on my clean face and remove it when it's dried up.  It doesn’t stick on well to the skin, so the only way for not letting it fall off is to lay down on the sofa and watch tv or put it on during sleep.  I like it for not leaving my skin with the uncomfortable oily and sticky feeling.  It did a good job in giving my skin a great boost of hydration that it looks beautifully smooth, soft, bright and hydrated.
 photo HydroPureSoothingTherapyMask03.jpg


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