17 August 2014

Délifrance - HarbourFront

 photo DelifranceHarbourFFront17Aug01.jpg
 photo DelifranceHarbourFFront17Aug02.jpg
Chocolate Eclair  $2.90
 photo DelifranceHarbourFFront17Aug03.jpg
Sprite + Mushroom Duxelle Soup  $4.50
 photo DelifranceHarbourFFront17Aug04.jpg
 photo DelifranceHarbourFFront17Aug05.jpg
 photo DelifranceHarbourFFront17Aug06.jpg
Chicken Rendang Baked Rice  $9.80
Beef Meatballs Spaghetti  $13.80
 photo DelifranceHarbourFFront17Aug07.jpg
 photo DelifranceHarbourFFront17Aug08.jpg
 photo DelifranceHarbourFFront17Aug09.jpg

We got a really delicious meal today. 
The Duxelle Soup mushroom soup is thick with plenty small pieces of mushroom. 
 Chicken Rendang Baked Rice is hot and spicy.  
 Beef Meatballs Spaghetti in thick tomato sauce is really delicious except that the tomato sauce is too sweet. 
The small piece of Chocolate Eclair is expensive but I love its thick chocolate filling.


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