09 August 2014

Ginza Bairin - ION Orchard

 photo GinzaBairinIon01.jpg
 photo GinzaBairinIon02.jpg
Chicken Katsu Set  $16
Pork Katsu Curry  $16

 photo GinzaBairinIon03.jpg

 photo GinzaBairinIon04.jpg

 photo GinzaBairinIon05.jpg

I’m loving the delicious curry meal, every bite of it is good.  The meat is tender and the outside layer is crunchy. The thinly sliced cabbage is fresh and crunchy.
  It reminds me of the curry restaurants I saw in Tokyo.  The ones where we chose the food we want, purchase the tickets from the vending machine outside their entrance, give the tickets to the staff and wait for our food to be served to us. 
It would be nice if Ginza Bairin can serve us with free ice cold water like the ones in Tokyo.



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