19 August 2014

Bijinsenmon Slimming Mask

Arm-Slimming Mask

One box contains 3 pairs of individually wrapped mask

My Thoughts

Both the Arm-Slimming Mask and Leg-Slimming Mask are soaked with lots of clear perfumed scented essence. I find that it's very difficult to wrap the arm mask on my upper arm, I definitely need someone’s help.  In order not to waste the remaining essence that’s left inside the foil packet, I will apply it onto my tummy and thighs. 

First I gotta wrap the white paper mask and after that wrap the thin waterproof paper over it. It's nice cos it prevents the essence from wetting the furniture. But after putting on the thick paper masks, they hinder my movements and the leg masks keep getting loose and fall off when I walk.    

What I dislike about the masks is that it’s so troublesome to wrap and they leave my skin with a really uncomfortable cold and wet feeling. Even when I leave them on when I sleep at night and till the next morning the masks will still be wet.

I definitely won't purchase them again as they aren't effective at all.  Even if they're effective I won't buy them again cos I would rather apply a slimming gel or cream where it would be much more convenient and comfortable than putting on the thick, cold and wet masks.   My sister used a few boxes of the Arm-Slimming Mask and Leg-Slimming Mask plus the Belly-Slimming Mask and also commented that they aren’t effective at all and stopped buying them.

Leg-Slimming Mask


Belly-Slimming Mask

One box contains 4 pieces of individually wrapped mask



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