11 May 2013

The Food Place - Raffles City

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 photo TheFoodPlace110502.jpg

The Best Fish & Chips  $6.90
Herbal Chicken with Rice  $6.90

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 photo TheFoodPlace110504.jpg

I love the Herbal Chicken for its hot and super delicious soup.  I regretted getting the The Best Fish & Chips which is too dry for my liking.

 photo TheFoodPlace110505.png

I saw a super skinny high-class man.  He's really old, but very havoc with his outfit, boots, hat and trendy big hand carry box bag.  He has a big packet of tissue paper on the table and a cushion cover on his legs.  He scooped out a little bit by bit of food to a bowl and ate it so gracefully.  He ordered so much food but only ate 10% of it and told the cleaner to throw the leftover away cos he's full already.  What a waste!

If you are lucky, probably you will get to see him at The Food Place in Raffles City.


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