14 May 2013

MADARA Delicate Cleansing Milk

My Thoughts

The thick and creamy white cleansing milk has a stinky scent and leaves the skin oily.  Even without makeup, I will use it nightly to cleanse my entire face, eyes and neck to ensure that the dirt and dust are thoroughly removed from the skin.  
I find that it doesn't thoroughly remove the thick foundation, BB cream and waterproof eye makeup, so a makeup remover is needed to remove them first before using the cleansing milk.

When the cleansing milk is finishing and can't be pumped out anymore, it's so wasteful that there's still a lot of the thick cleansing milk sticking onto the entire bottle.  When I put the bottle upside down, it just won't flow to the cap.  I tried to dig it out with my fingers, but they aren't longer enough to go far into the long bottle.  In the end, I put tap water inside and shake it.  It still comes out thick on the first few pumps, but later its water.  What to do, I'm the kind of person who doesn't like to waste.


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