26 May 2013

Burger King and Andersen’s of Denmark Gift Vouchers

 photo CitybankFoodVoucher01.jpg

Burger King and Andersen's of Denmark Gift Vouchers

 photo CitybankFoodVoucher04.jpg

$60 Burger King Gift Voucher

 photo CitybankFoodVoucher05.jpg

One booklet has 5 $2 vouchers

 photo CitybankFoodVoucher06.jpg

 photo CitybankFoodVoucher02.jpg

$30 Andersen’s of Denmark Gift Voucher

 photo CitybankFoodVoucher03.jpg

We got the Vouchers from Citibank Singapore.

We are really upset with the unprofessional customer service.  The bad attitude Malay lady that served us gave no greetings, no smile, rude, unfriendly and real slow.


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