03 May 2013


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I got a $50 Voucher from Shoplabellavita.com and bought the

Phedras Shimmer Maxi Dress - Navy Blue   Size M
Valentine Lace Dress - Black   Size M
but they sent me the Valentine Lace Dress in Size S which is too small for me.  I wrote to them and was told that the Size M is out of stock.  I'm too lazy to walk to the post office to mail it back to them, so I decided not to return it.  Then 2 weeks later, I received another one in the mailbox, also in Size S.  I wonder why they sent it to me twice.  Although it's a very pretty dress but what's the point of sending me two of the same size where they won't fit me.

 photo LabellavitaDress07.jpg
  photo LabellavitaDress06.jpg


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