24 May 2013

Majestic Bay Seafood Restaurant

 photo MajesticBayKopiCrab04.jpg
Bay’s signature Kopi Crab
 photo MajesticBayKopiCrab05.jpg
 photo MajesticBayKopiCrab02.jpg

Stewed, prawn, tofu, sambal chilli, clay pot style   $22

 photo MajesticBayKopiCrab03.jpg

Sautéed, bamboo clams, water spinach, sambal chilli  $18

Peanuts  $2.70
White Rice  $2.40

 photo MajesticBayKopiCrab01.jpg
I got the free Kopi Crab from Majestic Bay Seafood Restaurant.

After deducting a Citibank Visa 15% discount, we paid $45.10.

I love their delicious food and friendly service, but not the pricing.  The food can be quite expensive. 

  photo MajesticBayKopiCrab07.jpg


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