17 May 2013

Talika Eye Therapy Patch


My Thoughts

One packet contains a pair of eye therapy patch.  The eye patch has a mild essential oil scent and it's not wet at all.  It's fabric on one side and soft jelly on the other side, attached to a plastic sheet.  The transparent soft jelly is sticky so it sticks on really well to the eye and giving it a cooling effect.   

After cleansing my face, I will stick the eye patches below my eyes and leave them on for 30 minutes.  After removing them, my skin feels much softer and smoother, but sadly it didn't remove any of the lines. 

A pair of eye patch can be used 3 times.  After each use, I will stick them back on to the plastic sheets, keep them inside the refrigerator, use them for another 2 times and then discard them.


Jenna H. said...

Cool product! Do you recommend them?
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-Jenna <3

Bebe said...

Yes. It works well to keep the skin below my eyes soft and supple. It would be nice if it removes the wrinkles too.
I'm your new follower.

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