14 October 2012

Veet Suprem Essence Hair Removal Cream - Velvet Rose Fragrance n Essential Oils

We got the 90ml Veet Suprem Essence Hair Removal Creams from cozycot.

We went to the store on 7 Oct to collect the PVC vase, and my sister asked the crew if there are any other freebies, she didn't mentioned this one ( which is available for redemption since 3 Oct ).
She should have told us when we visited the store last week, so that we won't have to make another trip down to Orchard Road. Instead she said this is a secret redemption, so she's not allowed to tell anyone.
Secret? This ad is on their web page and facebook, how can it be secret?

Our cousins were with us last week, they would have gotten theirs. They will be busy with work until next month, so they will miss the opportunity to try out this product.
The crew didn't allow us to collect the product on their behalf, saying that Veet said it's a must to come in person, to fill up the survey form, a white form and take a picture.
The inflexible attitude crew caused us great inconvenience.
Hope they will be flexible and to give out the freebies willingly.


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