27 October 2012

Texas Chicken

$5.90 Super Saver Meal -
2 pieces original chicken
1 mashed potato
1 sprite


$9.60 3 pc chicken -
3 pieces spicy chicken
1 mashed potato
1 biscuit
1 sprite

I got a Free One Combo Meal Voucher from Texas Chicken (Singapore).


I thought I'm getting the 2 pc chicken combo meal as shown on the voucher.  I'm surprised that I was allowed to choose any one of the 1 to 10 combo meals.  I don't really like burgers, so I chose combo meal 2, 3 pc chicken.
Wow, later I realized I've chosen the most expensive of the 10 combo meals.

This is the very first time that I'm eating Texas Chicken.  They are made with fresh chicken.  They are big, no blood and oven hot. 
I don't really like the biscuit and mashed potato, as they ain't yummy.  In fact, I find that the biscuit tasted funny.

Texas Chicken is definitely a healthier choice as compared to Kentucky Fried Chicken.  Texas Chicken is less tasty, it's white and plain taste meat.  The secret recipe of KFC makes their chickens taste good. 
The thing I don't like about KFC is that they use frozen chicken.  KFC chickens are small, oily and full of blood.  Even when it's cooked, I still see the blood stains on the meat.  Sometimes, I even see the red blood coming out from inside the not fully cooked meat.  The sight of blood makes me sick.
KFC often gives us cold soggy fries, cold hard chicken and burgers.  I hope KFC can use big fresh chicken too.  They should ensure that they serve only freshly made and oven hot foods. 
I love KFC and will dine there 2 to 3 times a week.  Now, I'm beginning to love Texas Chicken, but there are none in my neighbourhood.


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