15 October 2012

EHA Sun Shield 24hr


My Thoughts

The creamy yellowish sun shield has its own natural scent.  I don't smell any perfume.
After applying, it doesn't leave my face with the oily and sticky feeling.  But I feel being coated in a thin layer of cream on the surface of my skin.  Guess this must be the sun protective coat to block the harmful sun rays.

EHA Sun Shield 24hr 5ml worth $38 from Luxury Haven.

My cousin called Melissa on 29 Sept and asked if she can mail it to her, she said no.  And told my cousin don't have to call again, just go down anytime from Monday to Saturday before 8pm to collect it.  All she has to do is to mention that she got the Sun Shield from a blogger giveaway.
On 6 Oct, she got her hubby to pick her up from her work place and rushed down to Orchard Road, paying the expensive ERP and parking charges, and reached there before 7pm, but it's already closed.

She got really really angry, and wrote an email to the clinic, complaining about her wasted trip.  She requested for it to be mailed to her and Elias agreed.
In the first place, Melissa shouldn't have rejected her request to mail it to her.  After wasting her effort, time, petrol and money, then they agreed to mail it to her.  It's really not nice of her to cause my cousin and her hubby to quarrel over the unhappy rushing and wasted trip.
Actually, her colleague won a tube too.  The original winner didn't claim her prize, so she was the redrawn winner.  She was really excited and immediately sent an email to Shirley, but somehow the prize was given back to the original winner.
We wonder why?  Maybe, email got lost?
She's upset, but since it's only a small 5ml tube, she prefers to keep quiet.


Shirley Tay said...

Hi Bebe, thks for linking up again! You're awesome! Sorry to hear of your cousin's wasted trip to EHA. Her colleague won the prize too? Wow, u gals are lucky!

Winners for my giveaways will have to response within 48hrs in the post as per instructions in contest. As no email notifications are sent, participants are expected to subscribe for the free newsletter so they won't miss any updates. We also post announcements in Facebook, Twitter & various social media sites.

I hold many Giveaways, so don't fret :) Many thanks for all your support & have fun winning in your contests!

Bebe Lee said...

Thanks Shirley, but I got no luck to win.
Her colleague was the redrawn winner and did send an email to you on the same day when she saw the announcement on your facebook. We guess it's that the email got lost. This often happens with hotmail.
And also, the original winner didn't respond to you within the 48 hours, she only emailed you after you've drawn a new winner to replace her. But the prize was given back to her.
That's funny right? If both winners didn't respond within 48 hours, then it would be fair that you choose a 3rd new winner.

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