16 October 2012

Veet Suprem Essence Hair Removal Cream - Velvet Rose Fragrance n Essential Oils


My Thoughts
The soft and smooth cream has a rose fragrance.
On the clean underarms, I will use my fingers to apply and spread the cream evenly to fully cover all the hairs, wait for 30 minutes and remove it with the pink spatula.  Then bath as usual.  It leaves my underarms with a lasting chemical scent.
As seen on the below picture, it didn't thoroughly remove the hairs.  But it helps to soften the hairs and skin, making it easy for them to be plucked out with a tweezer.  Probably I left the cream on the underarms for much longer than 3 minutes, that's why I got the redness. 



Sherry Williams said...

Really good review! I usually just shave and have never used veet actually. Think its worth a try!

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Sherry @ I AM PISCES

Bebe Lee said...

Thanks for the invitation.
I think Nair Hair Removal Cream is more effective. I do shave too.

Cool boy said...

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