10 October 2012

Sunsilk Damaged Hair Reconstruction Nourishing Conditioner




My Thoughts

I'm a huge fan of Sunsilk conditioners and have used countless tubes of them.  I'm a fan even before it's launched in Singapore.  My sister used to travel to Watsons in Malaysia to buy the ( I think it's ) Sunsilk Long n Straight Conditioner, the one in a white tube and black cap.  Later, it came to Giant Turf City.  And later, Sunsilk is officially launched in Singapore.
This soft and smooth texture conditioner has a very nice perfume fragrance.

After shampoo, apply and massage it onto my damp hair, particularly on the dry ends, wait for a few seconds and rinse off thoroughly with water.

It works really well to keep my hair soft, smooth and moisturized.  But after I did a fake Shiseido Hair Rebonding last year, it didn't work on my dry hair.  Even after using numerous tubes, my hair is still dry like straw grass.

It's my favorite conditioner, but not anymore.  I'm currently in love with Sunsilk Perfect Straight Nourishing Conditioner.

Old packaging and New packaging. 

The kiasu me loves it so much that I bought these 350ml tubes and a 500ml bottle, when I saw them selling cheap at Chinatown.





blackberryfashion said...

Great review :) I'm following you now :)


Mariana de Oliveira Saitu said...

Hi, i would like to know whats the best nivea moisturizing cream that whitens the skin, i wanted to change 1 tone in my skin. Its Nivea Body Extra Whitening Milk Repair or Nivea Body Whitening Lotion - 10x Vitamin C?

Mariana de Oliveira Saitu said...

Or the new one, called Nivea UV Whitening Serum?

Sleepy BB said...

Hi Blackberry, I'm your new follower.

Hi Mariana, Nivea body lotions are all good. For me, they are effective in lightening the dark spots, not whitening my skin.

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