02 September 2012

Physiogel Cleanser / Physiogel Cream / Physiogel Lotion Samples

Physiogel Cleanser 10ml
This white gel-like cleanser has its own mild natural fragrance.
With water added, it doesn't lather to bubbles.
It moisturizes my dry skin, but I feel that it doesn't cleanse well, especially in our polluted environment.
It's too mild for my liking. 

Physiogel Cream 3ml
This thick white cream did well in moisturizing my super dry skin.
It's easily absorbed into the skin, leaving it coated and oily.
In one application, my super dry skin is instantly made soft, supple and moisturized. 
Physiogel Lotion 10ml
This white creamy lotion really moisturizes my super dry skin.
The lazy me haven't apply any body moisturizer for a week, and my skin becomes really dry, especially on the lower part of my legs.
So, I decided to try a packet of the sample.  After a few rubs, it's easily absorbed into the skin, leaving it oily.
In just one application, my skin feels soft, smooth and well moisturized.
And the dry tight skin on the lower part of my legs has totally disappeared.
I applied it on both my feet and the next day I find that the hard skin on my cracked heels is very much softer and the rough skin feels smoother.
But I won't be applying it on my feet anymore, as it made me leave many oily foot prints on the floor titles.


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