02 September 2012

Ben & Jerry's

I bought the Maple Tree Hugger Sundae at $15.90 and got a free tumbler.
I used a $10 voucher and paid $5.90 in cash. 

It contains 3 scoops. One scoop has to be
Maple Tree Hugger
So I chose the other 2 scoops as
Coffee Buzz Buzz Buzz
Chocolate Therapy

All 3 scoops of the thick and creamy ice creams are so delicious, but the waffle bowl is really thick and hard.

My Free Maple Tree Hugger tumbler

I super love ice creams and am really happy to win a $20 Ben n Jerry's voucher from Goodrich Gallery Singapore Facebook.

My hubby purposely skipped work to collect the vouchers from their Changi office during office hours. Hopefully, for their future giveaways, they'll allow the winners to collect their prizes from a more convenient location and time, like their shop in Plaza Singapura.

I'm left with a $10 voucher, so I can eat another sundae.  Yay!



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